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News and Updates

Update - March 23, 2016

March is National Procurement Month.

Banner Go-Live Preparation

The Go-Live date for Banner Purchase Requisitions has been delayed. As a result, the moratorium on paper purchase requisitions is being lifted. Please submit any needed requisitions to the Office of Purchasing until further notice.

The date for Direct Charges has NOT been lifted with the exception of vendors who do not accept the LaCarte card or if an employee must be personally reimbursed for Special Meals. We are working on solutions to cover these situations. All other purchases must be made by completing a requisition or using a LaCarte card within the rules that apply.

Administrative and Finance staff are continuing to work with the Banner consultants to get the system ready for 2016.

We will notify everyone of the new timeline as soon as possible.

End User Registration
In anticipation of the scheduling of Banner End User Training, the Purchasing Office requests a list of key University staff who are involved in the processing of requisitions for each department.  Please send the name, email address and phone number of Purchasers to Kristi Montet (