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Marie C. Frank

Assistant Vice President of Administration and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

(337) 482-5396


Kristi Montet


Director of Procurement and Travel

(337) 482-5201



Judy Harvey

Administrative Assistant III

Receptionist, Mail Distribution, Vendor Entry

(337) 482-5396


Celena D. Tilbury

Assistant Director for Contracts and Strategic Sourcing

Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Service Contracts and RFPs

(337) 482-6239


Roxanne Formeller

Assistant Director of Purchasing

Solicitations, Renewals and Construction Projects

(337) 482-2955


Josie Mariano

Assistant Director for Travel and LaCarte

Program Administrator

(337) 482-6243



Procurement Technical Systems Analyst

End User Technical Assistance for Third Party Software, Web Ambassador


(337) 482-5396


Purchasing Staff

Mary Borel

Senior Procurement Coordinator

Non-competitive Procurement for Maintenance projects, Contracts for construction/building repairs (>$5K), Construction/Public Works Unadvertised Bids (>$50K to $250K), Advertised Bids Title 38 (>$250K to $1M)

(337) 482-9051


Lorita Raymond

Procurement Coordinator

High volume orders, Computer hardware/software purchases, State Contract purchases, Sole Source/Single Source purchases, Non-competitive purchases, Annual standing orders, Copier leases and annual renewals

(337) 482-1078


Martina Howard

Procurement Coordinator

Bids for goods and services exceeding $30K, Annual renewal of Post-Award Bid Agreements, Procurement of general merchandise (less than $5K where LaCarte card is not accepted), Staples account management, Airgas account managementProcurement for annual PO's, Title 39 bids, Staples account management, Airgas account management

Phone - (337) 482-1079


Professional Contracting Staff

Brandy Brewer

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Professional Services Contracts and POs, Consulting Services RFPs

(337) 482-6133


Travel and LaCarte Staff

Kassie Clark

Travel Manager

Travel and Special Meals, Program Administrator

(337) 482-6250


Tiffany LeBlanc

Procurement Card Specialist

Travel and Special Meals, Program Administrator

(337) 482-6244


Michelle E. Kreamer

Procurement Card Specialist

General LaCarte, Program Administrator

(337) 482-5309

For general Purchasing, LaCarte and Travel questions please email