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For general Purchasing, LaCarte and Travel questions please email

Staff Contact Information

Marie C. Frank           Assistant Vice President of
337-482-5396                    Administration and CPO

Celena D. Tilbury            Assistant Director for Contracts and
337-482-6239                          Strategic Sourcing     Professional Service Contracts

Roxanne Formeller                 Assistant Director of Purchasing
337-482-2955                             ·Solicitations, Renewals and   Construction

Josie Mariano          Assistant Director for Travel and LaCarte
337-482-6243                    · Program Administrator      

Judy Harvey                      Administrative Assistant III
337-482-5396                                ·Receptionist, Mail         Distribution

Kristi Montet               Procurement Technical Systems Analyst
337-482-5201                         ·End User Technical Assistance      Web Ambassador                                                 

Lorita Raymond                      Procurement Coordinator
337-482-1078                             ·Solicitations and small dollar     requisitions

Mary Borel                              Senior Procurement Coordinator
337-482-9051                            ·Requisitions

Kassie Clark                             Procurement Card Specialist
337-482-6250                                ·Travel and Special Meals           Program Administrator   

Phyllis Crochet                             Procurement Card Specialist
337-482-6213                                ·Travel and Special Meals           Program Administrator

Michelle Kreamer                             Procurement Card Specialist
337-482-5309                               ·Travel and Special Meals           Program Administrator

Tiffany LeBlanc                            Procurement Card Specialist
337-482-6244                                ·Travel and Special Meals           Program Administrator