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The University's travel procedures and regulations follow the Office of State Travel Policy and Procedures (PPM 49) and General Services Administration rates, provide a procedural framework for employees and students who travel on University business, and outline fiscally responsible spending practices.

GSA Rates (U.S. General Services Administration Rates) are effective October 1, 2022

PPM 49 - Travel Guide (Effective October 1, 2022)

University to Use Federal GSA Rates for Travel (Updated 7/19/2022)

The University has been approved to use federal General Services Administration rates for lodging, meals, mileage, and incidentals for allowable travel. The reimbursable mileage rate will be based on the current GSA Rate when using a personal vehicle and the traveler’s reimbursement is no longer limited to 99 miles. The preferred method to travel is the one that is the lowest cost to the University. A traveler can request reimbursement for their actual mileage when traveling out of state and choosing to use their personal vehicle, but they must include a justification of why this is in the best interest of the University and the lowest cost option. If justification is not provided, the reimbursement will be limited to 99 miles at the GSA mileage rate.

Changes are being made in the Chrome River Travel and Expense system to accommodate the calculation at GSA rates, but this will not be implemented until mid-August. In the meantime, please research the rates on the GSA website and ensure that sufficient funds have been added for additional expense due to the change in rates. If a preapproval has already been approved in Chrome River and the travel has not taken place, please review the preapproval to determine whether the estimations need to be increased. If so, please recall or expire the preapproval and resubmit it with revisions.

As a reminder, when estimating lodging costs on a preapproval of travel, please include all lodging taxes for trips out of state and Louisiana city, parish, and occupancy taxes. Louisiana state taxes should not be charged to the University.

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Update - 7/1/2021

There is a new addition to the PPM-49 Travel Guide this year. 

*A Department Head or his/her designee may approve a traveler’s reimbursement request for a rapid COVID-19 test, if the employee will be traveling on official state business (receipts are required). If the employee is traveling international and it is required that the traveler be quarantined for a certain period, hotel, meals and internet expenses are allowed to be reimbursed per PPM49 tier rates

PPM-49 Pocket Guide and full format are linked below.

PPM-49 Pocket Guide 2021-2022

PPM-49 2021-2022

​Effective July 1, 2021, travelers will be allowed to rent vehicles in the state of Louisiana from Enterprise, National or Hertz.  This is a change from past years where travelers were only allowed to rent in-state from Enterprise.  Out of state rentals will remain the same (Enterprise, National, or Hertz).  I have attached the rental rates and surcharges for these companies.

Enterprise-National Rates and Surcharges 2021-2022

Hertz Rental Rates 2021-2022

Hertz Surcharge Locations 2021-2022