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In order for our staff to carry out its mandate, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette needs to promote economy and efficiency in its operations. The establishment of sound procurement policies and practices, based on the fundamental principle of competition, is an integral part of this process. Open and fair procedures for awarding contracts for goods and services help to create efficient enterprises. They also encourage accountability and the cost effective use of public funds, matters that are of concern to both the University and the state of Louisiana.

For a quick guide please reivew the Purchasing at a Glance.  For details please see the side bar or the A-Z guide at the top.

The state of Louisiana is exempt from state sales tax. If a vendor requests proof of status please print a copy this form for them and notify the purchasing office.

Please see the forms tab for all forms available online.

NOTE:  Procedures Manual (Updated 10/14/14)

University Standard Uniform Procedure (Updated 5/13/15)