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Update for all Travel (3/23/2020)

International travel is prohibited. Out-of-State travel, whether by ground transportation or air, must be approved in advance by the Louisiana Commissioner of Administration and will be evaluated based on business necessity.

In-state travel is strongly discouraged and will be denied unless it is essential and there are no other means of conducting business.

These restrictions apply to new and all previously approved travel requests. All requests for the Commissioner's consideration and any questions should be emailed to

All University news and updates regarding the COVID-19 response are available at


All state travelers are to purchase commercial airline tickets through the state contracted travel agency (Short’s Travel Management). This requirement is mandatory unless approval is granted from the State Travel Office. (In the event travelers seek approval to go outside the travel agency, they shall submit their request through their agency travel program administrator, who will determine if the request should be submitted to the Office of State Travel.) 


1203 W. Ridgeway Avenue

Waterloo, IA

TOLL FREE: (888) 846-6810

FAX:    (319) 433-0847




* A profile must be set up prior to booking*

Go to:


Click on the Contract Travel Agency Icon





After 5 p.m. and on weekends.

This service is for after hours travel only and not for booking advanced travel.

See  for more information.

For complete flight guidelines, please see PPM 49 Travel Policy.

Personal Destinations or Personal Days while on University Business

When airfare for University business includes a personal destination or personal days, the University traveler must obtain the lowest airfare quote, at the time of purchase of the airfare, for the business destination only and for the business portion of the time traveled. 

Reimbursement or approval for the airfare will be the lesser of the lowest quote or the prorated amount for the business portion of the airfare only. The prorated amount is calculated by dividing the airfare by the total number of days (business and personal) and multiplied by the total number of business days. (Lodging and Meals will not be reimbursed during personal days.)

Personal days are defined as those days of domestic travel for a business purpose outside of one day prior to and/or after the business purpose. Personal days for international travel for a business purpose are those outside of two days prior to the business purpose and travel must begin within one day after the business event for a total of two days of return travel time.

Justification for extra time to travel for business must be approved by the travel manager prior to booking flights. Approval must be attached to the Travel Expense Reimbursement request or the LaCarte card log.

Contact the Office of Purchasing with questions at 482-6250.