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Motor Vehicle Travel

When traveling on official University business, one of the following may be utilized:

  1. State-Owned Vehicle- The University no longer loans or rents vehicles.  If a vehicle is needed for travel, please utilize the listed state contract vehicle rental programs.
  2. Personally Owned Vehicle – (Effective October 1, 2022)  For In-state travel, the 99-mile reimbursement limitation has been removed with caveat that a state-owned vehicle or rented vehicle should be used prior to a personal vehicle when mileage exceeds 99 miles. ​ Mileage will be reimbursed at the GSA Rate.
  3. Rented Motor Vehicles 
  4. Group Motor Coach Travel - Charter Bus Services are handled through STM Driven, LLC.  All requests for Charter Bus Transportation should be submitted through the Short's Portal or by emailing STM Driven directly (
  5. Student Driver  - Departments requiring students to drive a personal, rental or university vehicle must follow the Standard Operating Procedures for Undergraduate Students Drivers.

•No person is authorized to operate or travel in a state owned or rental vehicle unless that person is an employee of the University.
•All employees must complete the driver safety training course if operating a motor vehicle for University purposes.  For information or to sign up for the course: go to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.
•In order to receive reimbursement, you must have an approved Chrome River Pre-Approval.

Hold Harmless Form is required for any student that is NOT an employee and is riding in a state owned or rented vehicle.  This is also required when utilizing parking and transit vehicles and busses.

For complete documentation on vehicle travel regulations, please see PPM 49 Travel Policy.