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Motor Vehicle Travel


When traveling on official University business, one of the following may be utilized:

  1. State-Owned Vehicle- Contact Motor Pool (482-6109) to reserve a vehicle in advance.
  2. Personally Owned Vehicle – If a state vehicle is not available, an employee may use their personal vehicle for travel up to 99 miles roundtrip, with reimbursement at $.54 per mile.  If you choose to use your personal vehicle for trips over 99 miles, you will only be reimbursed 99 miles.
  3. Rented Motor Vehicles – For in-state travel over 99 miles, an employee must rent a vehicle from one of the three allowable in-state car rental companies.  Effective July 1, 2021 travelers will be allowed to rent vehicles from  Enterprise, National or Hertz (for in-state rentals).    A rental justification letter, addressed to the VP of Administration and Finance must accompany the request to travel.  **Effective July 1,2013, it is MANDATORY to use one of the three contracted vendors; Enterprise, National or Hertz, for out-of-state vehicle rentals.
  4. Group Motor Coach Travel - Charter Bus Services are handled through STM Driven, LLC.  All requests for Charter Bus Transportation should be submitted through the Short's Portal or by emailing STM Driven directly (

•No person is authorized to operate or travel in a state owned or rental vehicle unless that person is an employee of the University.
•Students not employed by the State shall not be authorized to drive a state-owned or rented vehicles for use on official state business.  A student may be deemed as an "authorized traveler" on behalf of the University by the President or his designee to operate or travel in a state-owned or rented vehicle on official state business.  The hold harmless agreement form acknowledging the fact that the state assumes no liability for any loss, injury, or death resulting from said travel must be signed as part of the approval process and submitted with the request to travel.
•All employees must complete the driver safety training course if operating a motor vehicle for University purposes.  For information or to sign up for the course: go to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.
•In order to receive reimbursement, you must have an approved “Request for Official Travel” form.

For complete documentation on vehicle travel regulations, please see PPM 49 Travel Policy.