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University Issued Travel Card

The LaCarte Purchasing Card is a Bank of America Visa credit card used by authorized University
employees to purchase goods, operating services and travel expenses up to $5,000.00, or authorized transaction
limit, per transaction, including shipping and handling, and excluding taxes for bona fide University

Using the LaCarte Card for purchases of supplies, low-dollar amount equipment and furniture, operating
services and/or repairs must comply with proper purchasing procedures, rules and regulations,
Louisiana Statutes and Executive Orders.

The University is exempt from Louisiana state sales taxes. The cardholder should notify the vendor of the
tax-exempt status prior to any credit card transaction. The cardholder shall not fill out any tax exemption
forms. The State of Louisiana tax exemption number is on the front of the LaCarte card for easy
reference or available on the Purchasing websites quick links.

Instructions for obtaining a State Liability LaCarte Purchasing/Travel Card

All program participants, i.e. cardholders and cardholder approvers are required to complete an online certification class, annually, receiving a passing grade of at least 90 in order to receive a new LaCarte Card (Travel Card), renew a LaCarte Card or remain as a cardholder approver. Employees should discuss their need for a state liability procurement card with their immediate supervisor as this person is responsible for completing the cardholder approval training.

The following three documents must be completed by the cardholder and turned in to Purchasing Office before a state liability purchasing card will be issued.
1. Cardholder application form
2. Procurement Card Certification- see below for online certification training
3. Cardholder agreement form

The following two documents must be completed by the approver and turned in to Purchasing Office before a state liability travel card will be issued to the cardholder. (NOTE: The approver only has to complete certification once a year.)

1. Approver Certification – see below for online certification training
2. Approver agreement form

LaCarte Policy Manual (10/1/2023)

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