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Agency Hosted Conference

S1510. AGENCY HOSTED CONFERENCES (Both In-State and Out-of-State):

A. State sponsored Conferences: An agency must solicit three (3) bona fide competitive quotes
in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order for Small Purchase.

B. Attendee Verification: All state sponsored conferences must have a sign-in sheet or some type of attendee acknowledgment for justification of number of meals ordered and charged.

C. Conference Lunch Allowance: Lunch direct billed to an agency in conjunction with a state
sponsored conference is to be within the following rates plus mandated gratuity.
Lunch - In-State excluding New Orleans $20
Lunch - New Orleans and Out-of-State $25

Any other meals such as breakfast and dinner require special approval in accordance with
PPM49 Section 1509. “Special Meals” and must have prior approval from the
Commissioner of Administration or, for Higher Education, the entity head or his designee.

D. Conference Refreshment Allowance: Cost for break allowances for meeting, conference or
convention are to be within the following rates. Refreshments shall not exceed $4.50 per person,
per morning and/or afternoon sessions. A mandated gratuity may be added if refreshments are
being catered.

E. Conference Lodging Allowances: Lodging rates may not exceed twenty dollars above the
current listed routine lodging rates listed for the area in which the conference is being held