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Computer Hardware and Computer Software


The University now provides a service which facilitates quick turnaround on orders for standard University desktop and laptop computers. To view the particulars including instructions for ordering along with current standard configurations, please proceed to UCSS PC Depot.

Any deviation from these configurations must be described and approved by Gene Fields, CIO, or the Director of UCSS and Assistant CIO.

Whenever possible, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to order and use the standardized computer systems sold through Desktop Services. Although our standard systems are designed to meet the needs of the majority of our campus we recognize there are instances where more computational power than what our enhanced system offers is required.  Any deviation from the listed products must be approved by the Office of Information Technology.

Orders should be placed through the PC Depot online shopping portal.

Laptops: You must submit a Letter of Justification and a Laptop Request Form to order a laptop.

Software/Software Maintenance

New or upgraded operating systems or software purchases can be obtained through University Computer Support Services. Software purchases which do not fall into any of the categories provided by Computer Support Services must be made via a Banner requisition with approval from the Information Technology CIO.

If total cost for a 12-month period (inclusive of the license, integration, installation training, travel, etc.) is less than $225,000 it is exempt from competition.  A firm fixed quote must be attached to the requisition in Banner, along with any unsigned Software Agreements.  If the total cost for a 12-month period exceeds $225,000 will require Procurement Support Team (PST) review and approval.  Scheduling for PST can take approximately 4 – 6 weeks.  Additionally, competition may be required.

Note:  No one is authorized to sign purchasing contracts or Agreements on behalf of the University except to whom this authority is vested and delegated.  All contracts or agreements are to be submitted to Procurement Services through a Banner Requisition for authorized signatures.