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The LaCarte procurement card is a credit card that can be used in place of a requisition for certain supplies and dollar amounts. To apply for and obtain information about the procurement card, contact the purchasing office. More information is available in the LaCarte Policy Manual. After reviewing the policy booklet an application form will need to be filled out, approved, and submitted to Purchasing.

University purchases are exempt from state sales tax. The LaCarte card has the State tax exemption number printed on it, however some vendors require a separate number. As of now, the following vendors require a separate number:

  • Wal-Mart - 192118 (See Instructions Sheet prior to shopping)
  • Home Depot - 9985783070 (NEW as of 3/22/2023)
  • Lowes - 301500293 (Note this is a new number. Cardholders must be aware that the number is registered to State of Louisiana LaCarte Card Program, phone number 225-342-8039.  Cardholders must be aware that they do not have the authority to change any information on the tax exempt status)
  • Office Depot OfficeMax - 98541819 (Must present Office Depot/OfficeMax Tax Exempt Customer Card each time a purchase is made.
  • Best Buy - Individual Tax Exempt Customer Account Number will be issued.  (See instructions below)

Best Buy 

From the following link

  • Sign in to your Best Buy account.  If you do not have one already, you will need to create one.
  • Type of Organization will be "State and Local Government" with reason for exemption "State Government".
  • Complete the registration information page.
  • Upload a CURRENT University Tax Exempt Certificate (obtain the current certificate from the Forms list).

After you have successfully registred you will be provided your own Tax ExemptCustomer Account Number that can be used both in-store and online.

Updated Travel Regulations (NEW) 7/2/2020

Cardholders, program users, or supervisors/approving officials, auditors or anyone associated with the program who knowingly, or through willful neglect, fail to comply with the requirements may be subject to suspension or termination of account privileges or other disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Any use of the LaCarte Card which is determined to be an intentional attempt to defraud the University for personal gain or personal gain of others is prohibited. An employee suspected of having misused the LaCarte card with the intent to defraud the University will be subjected to an investigation. Should the investigation result in findings which show that the actions of the employee have caused impairment to University service, and should those findings be sufficient to support such action, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action. The nature of the disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the President and will be based on the investigation findings and the record of the employee. Any such investigation and ensuing action shall be reported to the Assistant Vice President for Administration & Finance, University LaCarte Manager, Legislative Auditor, the Office of Inspector General and the Director of the Office of State Travel. Also, the university should state the specifics regarding repayment including actions taken, timeframe for repayment and consequences if repayment is not made in accordance with the university’s policy.

Any recognized or suspected misuse of the LaCarte Card Program should be immediately reported to the university program administrator and may be anonymously, reported to the State of Louisiana Inspector General’s Fraud and Abuse Hotline at 1‐866‐801‐2549 or for additional information one may visit Cardholders and other program personnel are prohibited from using the LaCarte Card for the purchase of any goods or services not directly or indirectly related to official State of Louisiana business. Intentional use of the card for personal purchases will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination from University employment and criminal prosecution.  Supervisors or other approving officials who knowingly, or through willful neglect, approve personal or fraudulent purchases are subject to the same disciplinary actions as those making the purchase.

A purchase made by a University cardholder for which payment by the University is unapproved. A non-approved purchase differs from a fraud purchase in that it is an unintentional misuse  of the LaCarte Card with no intent to deceive the agency for personal gain or for the personal gain of others. A non-approved purchase is generally the result of a miscommunication between a supervisor and the cardholder. A non-approved purchase could occur when the cardholder mistakenly uses the LaCarte Card rather than a personal card.  When a non-approved purchase occurs, the cardholder should be counseled to use more care in handling of the LaCarte Card. The counseling should be in writing and maintained in the employee’s file for no longer than one year unless another incident occurs. The employee should be made to pay for the item purchased inappropriately. Should another incident of a non-approved purchase occur within a 12-month period, the University LaCarte Manager should consider revocation of the LaCarte Card.  Consequences for either type of purchase mentioned above must be clearly documented in the University policy and fully executed when applicable.