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The LaCarte procurement card is a credit card that can be used in place of a requisition for certain supplies and dollar amounts. To apply for and obtain information about the procurement card, contact the purchasing office. More information is available in the LaCarte Policies booklet. After reviewing the policy booklet an application form will need to be filled out, approved, and submitted to Purchasing.

University purchases are exempt from state sales tax. The LaCarte card has the State tax exemption number printed on it, however some vendors require a separate number. As of now, the following vendors require a separate number:

  • Wal-Mart - 192118
  • Home Depot - 5511616
  • Lowes - 046100014
  • Office Depot - 36087878
  • Best Buy - 3008158452

LaCarte/Travel Card Presentation 4/4/17