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Banner Requisition Entry

Directions for Requisition Entry

Please use the following instructions to begin a purchase requisition in Banner. Request access to Banner Finance through the Help Desk.

  • Log into ULink and click on the Budget and Finance tab on the left side of your screen.
  • In the Purchasing section, click on the Vendor Inquiry link.
  • Search for the vendor ID.  (If you cannot find the vendor, you will need to submit a request to add the vendor into Banner before submitting a purchase requisition. Submit the Vendor Information Form to Purchasing with a completed W-9 from the Vendor to receive your Vendor ID number.)
  • Once you have the vendor ID, log into ULink.
  • Click on the Budget and Finance tab.
  • In the Purchasing section, click on the Requisition Entry link.
  • Fill in fields and follow prompts to submit your purchase requisition.

Training for Requisition Entry

Training Sessions

Call or email Kristi Montet to schedule requisition training.  Phone: 337-482-5201, email