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PaymentWorks is the University's vendor onboarding and vendor management system. PaymentWorks will improve communications between the University and key suppliers, as well as provide visibility to the onboarding process for registrants/vendors.

PaymentWorks is an easy to access and easy to use Web-based portal to which the University will invite vendors to manage the majority of their information within our Banner vendor database.  There are minimal requirements to initiate this process and once complete this free service will allow a vendor to:

  • View the status of invoices
  • Access remittance details
  • Maintain supplier master information
  • Avoid delays in payment due to incorrect remit address or other critical data
  • Provide banking information in a security environment for ACH Payments

PaymentWorks will verify tax IDs, addresses, and perform checks against disbarred lists and sanctions lists.  Once the information is verified and approved, it is securely transmitted to Banner, establishing the registrants as University vendor. Vendors will maintain ownership of their own information through PaymentWorks, which will in turn ensure accurate and timely payments from the University.

Instructions will be provided to the campus as the roll out proceeds.

Vendor related questions may be directed to Purchasing at