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Year-End Deadlines & Instructions

2020-2021 Fiscal Year Spending Restrictions and Year-End Deadlines & Instructions Effective April 9, 2021

TO:           Faculty, Staff and Supervisors of Classified Employees

FROM:     Jerry Luke LeBlanc, Vice President, Administration and Finance

RE:           2020-2021 State Fiscal Year Spending Restrictions and Year-End Deadlines & Instructions Effective April 9, 2021

Our community has seen the devastating economic effects of our inability to go about our lives as usual. The COVID vaccine, softening of restrictions on social movement, and the economic stimulus bring us closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. We are nothing less than hopeful.

As we prepare for our return to normal, we must also prepare to respond to the effect this pandemic has had on our University’s fiscal health. While the recent economic stimulus bills have softened the blow, our long-term success depends on our ability to make critical corrective adjustments to our spending and operations.

In the coming weeks, we as a University community will endeavor to refocus our efforts to position our University to rise from this pandemic as a stronger, more agile, and resilient institution. This will challenge each of us to rethink and reimagine how we create value for our University and community.

As we approach the end of the fiscal year (Wednesday, June 30) and look to the future financial responsibilities during this challenging time, it is necessary to immediately implement spending restrictions for the rest of Fiscal Year 2020-2021.  Please review your budget, purchase orders, and the pre-approvals on your dashboard in Chrome River for those encumbrances that are open or partially paid for expenses. 

Effective immediately, Applicable Funds
The spending restrictions are in effect for all funds except for Grant Funds (starts with 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 3N), Step Grant Funds (fund name includes Step), Professorship Funds (starts with 7), Start-Up Funds (fund name includes Start-Up), and Cost Share Funds. 

Applicable Restricted Spend Categories
No monies can be expended on or after the effective date of this announcement in spend categories assigned to travel, operating services, supplies, professional services and/or equipment by any method of procurement or payment with applicable funds. This includes requisitions processed via Banner, Chrome River expense reports, LaCarte, expenditure transfer entries, check requests, Direct Pay reimbursements, or petty cash.

Exemptions and Documentation Requirements
The exemptions listed below allow for procurement of supplies and services to be made:

  1. UL Lafayette will continue to expend funds for requisitions approved in Banner that have been encumbered July 1, 2020, through the effective date of this announcement where goods and services have been received.
  2. UL Lafayette will continue to process contracts for professional, personal, and consulting services if they are essential to the operations of the University. Written justification and approval from the Vice President of Administration and Finance via the PUR-215 form must accompany the procurement documents. Existing Contracts for Goods and Services that have been previously approved will continue.
  3. UL Lafayette will continue to expend funds for the recruitment of students. If the direct relationship between the procurement transaction and the recruitment of students is not clear, written justification and approval from the Assistant Vice President of Administration and Finance Marie Frank via the PUR-215 form must accompany the procurement documents.
  4. UL Lafayette will continue to process faculty start-ups/buy-outs and cost sharing expenditures.
  5. The following spend categories are exempted from spending restrictions and do not require the PUR-215 form:
  • Advertising;
  • Utilities;
  • Emergency repairs/replacements;
  • Postal/FedEx/UPS services;
  • Law enforcement obligations;
  • Worker’s Comp;
  • Telecommunication services;
  • Internet/data services;
  • Pest control/termite services;
  • Waste disposal services;
  • Shredding services;
  • Maintenance supplies and services;
  • Renewal of software license, maintenance, and renewal services; and
  • COVID-related PPE purchases and space accommodations purchased through a Facility Services Work Order. 

Exceptions to the Spending Restrictions
Exceptions to spending restrictions beyond what is listed above require Marie Frank's written approval via the PUR-215 form. On the form, you must document how the exception is essential to supporting the University's core functions of instruction, research, and public service.

If there is an encumbrance for a pre-approval in Chrome River where the Expense Reports are completed and advances are completely reconciled, please “Expire” the balance of the pre-approval so the funds can be unencumbered.  It is important to not expire prior to the full approval and export of the Expense Reports associated with the pre-approval.

For Purchase Orders, please cancel or alter any Purchase Orders where the goods or services have not been received unless the PUR-215 form has been approved.

Fiscal Year-end Deadlines for Expenditures that are Exempt from Spending Restrictions

Friday, May 14
If a Standing Order is allocated to Operating Funds (Fund 1000), the remaining balance of the Standing Order will be canceled. If there is a pending invoice to be paid after this date for goods and services that have been received prior to the effective date of this announcement, please notify the Office of Purchasing so an amount can be left for payment to be made. For other funds not subject to the spending restrictions, the Standing Order will not be canceled until Monday, June 21. To adjust a balance or change the funding source, please prepare a Purchase Order Change Request (PUR-114) and submit it for approval by following the posted electronic submission guidelines on the Purchasing website.

Friday, June 4
All Expense Reports must be completed and fully approved in Chrome River for purchases charged to Operating Funds (Fund 1000).

Monday, June 21 
All remaining balances on Standing Orders funded with other funds will be cancelled; all alterations submitted to Purchasing to cancel balances of Purchase Orders funded in Fiscal Year 2021. 

Wednesday, June 30
Last day to receive goods and services to be funded with Fiscal Year 2021 funds. Goods and Services received after June 30, 2021, will be charged to Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.

Tuesday, July 6
Receiving Reports with final invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable via email at showing delivery by June 30.

Thursday, July 15
Last day to submit each cardholder’s signed bank statement and LaCarte report to Purchasing for statements up to and including July 5; Chrome River Expense Reports for Funds other than Operating Funds (Fund 1000) must be submitted fully approved for General Expenses/Travel/Special Meals/Invited Guest Expenditures completed by June 30.

Monday, July 26
Unreconciled charges on LaCarte cards will be allocated to the cardholder.

Review of Existing Requisitions and Purchase Orders

To review your existing requisitions and purchase orders where funds are committed to Fiscal Year 2021, view instructions on how to check your encumbrances. If a purchase order has not been issued, please recall the requisition, and reenter it as Fiscal Year 2022 with a transaction date of July 1, 2021.  View instructions for changing the fiscal year on a requisition.

Fiscal Year 2021 Pre-approval Requests to Travel, Special Meals, Invited Guests Paid with Funds that are Exempt from Spending Restrictions

Pre-approval requests funded with Operating Funds
Pre-approval Requests for funds for travel, special meals, and invited guests’ expenditures must be included in the PUR-215 form in Chrome River Travel and Expense module if they are funded with Operating Funds (Fund 1000) and Dean’s Enhancement Accounts by Friday, June 4. 

Pre-approval requests to be funded by other than Operating Funds and exempt from spending restrictions
Pre-approval for travel, special meals and invited guests funded by other than Operating Funds and exempt from spending restrictions will continue to follow normal procedures subject to the availability of funds in the requesting department and charged to the fiscal year in which it occurs.

Expense Reports in Chrome River
Expense Reports in Chrome River for all travel/special meals/invited guests expenditures funded with Fiscal Year 2021 funds must be submitted to Purchasing within 30 days of the completion of the travel/special meal/invited guests’ expenditures but no later than July 15, 2021. On July 26, 2021, LaCarte card charges not approved for reconciliation will be allocated to the cardholder and deducted from their payroll.

LaCarte Card Charges
General purchases/travel/special meal/invited guest expenditures made via LaCarte cards prior to the effective date of this announcement will be allowed to be charged to nonexempted funds. Charges made thereafter WILL NOT be allowed without an approved PUR-215 form.

Signed bank statements and LaCarte Transaction Reports for the July 5 statement (and all other prior months) must be received by Purchasing by July 15, 2021, with no exceptions.  If signed documents are not submitted by July 15, the cardholder’s LaCarte card will be inactivated for noncompliance of LaCarte regulations.

2021-2022 Funding
Spending restrictions will extend to Fiscal Year 2021-2022 until further notice. Requisitions for goods and services funded with 2021-2022 funds must be entered in Banner with a July 1, 2021, transaction date and can be submitted anytime. If the transaction date is entered prior to July 1, the system will assume that funding is for Fiscal Year 2020-2021. If the requisition is submitted with incorrect dates, it will be necessary to recall the requisition and revise the transaction date to “7/01/2021”.  Unfortunately, Banner will require the deletion of all items on the requisition and the necessity to reenter the items. 

Requisitions requiring formal bidding (requiring a 21-day advertising period) may require the Purchase Order to be issued for Fiscal Year 2022 if items cannot be delivered prior to June 30. It is important to notify the Office of Purchasing if funding is not available in Fiscal Year 2022 and the bid or award must be canceled.

Contacts for Questions or More Information

Purchasing and professional services, Celena Tilbury,
LaCarte cards, Josie Mariano,
Bids, renewals, construction, Roxanne Formeller,
Small dollar requisitions, Lorita Raymond,
Travel, Kassie Clark,
Special meals, Phyllis Crochet,
General LaCarte card questions, Mary Borel,
Banner and professional services, Kristi Montet,
Exemptions and exceptions to spending restrictions, Marie C. Frank,
General purchasing questions,
Purchasing staff can also be contacted through Microsoft Teams.