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Prohibited Items

The LaCarte Purchasing card MAY NOT BE USED for the following purchases:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cash advances (including cash refunds and gift cards)
  • Consultant and speaker fees / honorariums / travel
  • Controlled substances
  • Entertainment costs (football tickets, etc.)
  • Food and meals (unless an approved Special Meals Request is provided)
  • IT data devices (tablets, netbooks, smart phones)
  • Software over $100
  • Travel (gas, lodging, restaurants, airline tickets, etc.)
  • Personal purchases
  • Clothing (anything wearable)
  • Promotional items (including awards and trophies) - Unless an approved is PUR-106 form is provided.
  • Use of PayPal - Unless an approved PUR-105 form is provided.

Exceptions must be approved in writing PRIOR to purchasing the prohibited item.