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Common Mistakes When Submitting Bids

Bidder's checklist

Avoid common mistakes that may cause your bid to be rejected.

  •         Failure to sign bid documents
  •         Bid not received on time
  •         Failure to quote price
  •         FOB Point changed
  •         Prices are not firm for duration of contract period
  •         Failure to meet or exceed the published specifications
  •         Failure to submit literature on specifications
  •         Estimated freight charges not included in quoted price
  •         Failure to meet mandatory requirements
  •         Failure to submit bid bond if required
  •         Failure to submit bid in sealed envelope if required
  •         Failure to write Louisiana Contractors License Number on exterior of envelope if required
  •         Failure to provide proof of complete insurance information per solicitation requirements
  •         Failure to make mandatory jobsite visits when required by the solicitation and provide verifications
  •         Failure to attend mandatory pre-bid conferences when required by the solicitation