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Special Meals

What is a special meal?

Any meal purchased by the University for the following:

  • Visiting Dignitary
  • Executive Level Persons from other Governmental Units
  • Working Meals
  • Agency Sponsored Conferences
  • Job Candidates or Interviewees
  • Student Events
  • Fee-Based Events

 Louisiana State Travel Regulations PPM 49, Section 1509-1510.

Prior to the event:

To obtain permission for a special meal a Request for Authorization of a Special Meal (PUR-109) must be completed and submitted to Purchasing.  The request must be approved by the Vice President of Administration & Finance PRIOR TO THE EVENT to ensure adequate funding.

Special Meal Rates:

For Non-employees, Invited Guests, Job Candidate meals, Student Events or Fee-Based Events
Refreshments     $4.50/person
Breakfast             $10/person
Lunch                   $15/person
Dinner                  $30/person

For Working University Meetings or University Sponsored Conferences:
Refreshments     $4.50/person
Breakfast             $9/person
Lunch                   $13/person
Dinner                  $29/person

Methods for payment or Reimbursement:

  • LaCarte Card can be used for Special Meals payment at a restaurant.  Attach copy of PUR-109 to the LaCarte log with original itemized receipts and listing of participants.
  • Submit the Special Meal Reimbursement Request PUR-113 for Personal Reimbursement.  Attach copy of PUR-109 and original itemized receipts with listing of participants.
  • When ordering from Sodexo, the Encumbrance number from PUR-109 must be given to Sodexo to include on the Order form.  Sodexo must stay within State Rates.
  • When using an outside Caterer or Restaurant, State Competitive Limits apply and a requisition is required to pay Vendor directly.  Attach the PUR-109 to the requisition and a listing of participants.  The VP for Administration & Finance is the only authorized signature for agreements.  Attach the agreement to the requisition and the Purchasing Office will process.

If the Foundation is reimbursing, Foundation rules apply.

Special Meal Request Training PowerPoint (From 4/4/17)