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Statement Reconciliation

Cardholders are responsible for the reconciliation and approval of their monthly LaCarte billing statement.

You will not receive paper statements in the mail. All LaCarte statements are set up to be sent electronically only. In order to receive notification from the Bank of America when your statement is available, you will need to register your new LaCarte card by clicking the Not Registered link on the Global Card Access page of Bank of America.

Travel and Special Meals Expense Reports

Travel expenses are to be reconciled through a Chrome River Expense Report after a Pre-Approval has been approved.  Each LaCarte trasaction will appear in your Chrome River eWallet and is to be reconciled to the line of the Expense Report and receipts are to be attached.  Travel expenses must be reconciled within 60 days of charge or 60 days after the end of travel or special meal.

General Expenses

Credit Card transactions, not related to travel or Special Meals, are to be reconciled as they appear in your eWallet, however can remain in “Draft” until the Statement Date has arrived.  All LaCarte transactions will require that a receipt be attached.  Receipts can be added to the Receipt Gallery at any time.

  • Cardholder will not receive a billing statement if no charges were made during the billing cycle.
  • When an expense has a missing receipt the Missing Receipt Form should be completed.
  • Refund of taxes are the responsiblity of the Cardholder.

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